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10 Hip and Happening Hacks to Stay Fit and Fabulous Long After Your Epic Wedding Extravaganza






The hustle and bustle of your pre-wedding days has finally come to an end. While it was probably immensely exciting as it was leading up to your special day, in all likelihood, it was also a little exhausting. You might have even wished secretly for it all to get over soon so that you would be able to start enjoying your happily ever after.


You’ve just started to settle down with the love of your life. It’s often difficult to find the motivation to work out when you are enjoying the honeymoon phase and marital bliss. Before the wedding, you probably worked out diligently and fervently to be in the best of health on your big day. Don’t let go of the fabulous outcome of all that hard work by not paying attention to your health and fitness now. Rather, look for ways to infuse your fitness routine with excitement and fun. You can use these 10 hip and happening hacks to stay fit and fabulous after your epic wedding:


Fitness Challenges


With fitness challenges, you have two options: either compete against other couples or indulge in friendly competition with each other. What you choose depends on your preferences, fitness levels, and your goals. Either way, you will still have a lot of fun, and what you achieve might surprise you too.




Themed Workouts


Add some variety to your workouts with themes. A themed workout will require some creativity and a little bit of planning, but it will be worth it. You’ll make so many memories with your partner while boosting your energy and health. Create a fantasy-themed workout, perform a time-travel workout, or try some superhero training. Let your creative juices flow!


Partner Yoga


This is such a splendid way to amplify your chemistry and improve your fitness at the same time. Partner yoga will help you attain harmony not only between your own mind and body but also between the two of you as a couple. Yoga sessions will also uplift your mood and brighten your day.


Home Gym Workouts


A new home with a gleaming gym is a good start to a new life. The convenience that home gyms offer is incomparable. You can work out together in the privacy of your own home. Set fitness goals and help each other achieve those goals. Become workout buddies and assist each other with form and techniques.


Dancing Together


An impromptu dance session can double as a spontaneous workout. If both of you are not in the mood for a systematic scheduled workout, just spend some time dancing together. Dancing is a fun aerobic activity. So, dancing together is basically good for your heart in more ways than one.


Outdoor Adventure Dates


If not now, then when? That’s the question you should be asking yourself regarding outdoor adventure dates. Try out new activities, share thrilling experiences, and improve your fitness in the process. It’s a win-win!


Cooking Nutritious Meals Together


Before getting married, you might have daydreamed about cooking together and sharing some romantic moments in the kitchen. Cooking together is a great way to turn a chore into an activity that will improve your bond.






Grocery shopping, preparing ingredients, and cooking will get you moving and burn some calories. Take it up a notch by whipping up nutritious meals together and practising mindful eating habits.


Eco-Friendly Workout Dates


Occasionally, you can try going on dates that are not only good for your health and your relationship but also for the environment. Give something back to the environment while you gain love and health. Volunteer together for an environmental cause, attend a tree planting event, go for beach clean-ups, explore a farmers’ market, or start a sustainable DIY project together.




Playing Sports

Engaging in sports is another great option to work on your health along with your relationship, without it seeming like work. Add a playful dynamic to your relationship with a sport that you both love. Playing on the same side will help improve your communication and strengthen your bond. You can also use sports to expand your social circle.


Hi-Tech Workouts


Use technology to increase the efficiency of your workouts. Hi-tech workouts are also likely to boost your engagement. With technology, it will be easier for both of you to track your progress, and even compete in a healthy way.


Wrapping Up


Working out together will prove motivating for both of you. With couple workouts, you can enjoy spending time together while simultaneously improving your health and fitness. Your shared goals will strengthen your bond, and you will grow healthier and happier together.

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